South Glos Reports to Filton Town Council 2013

Issues in my report to Filton Town Council May 2013:

Filton Roundabout works

As reported last month the work should begin on 3rd June and this seems to be on schedule.At the time of writing this report it looks very likely that, as promised, the work on the A38 outside Airbus will be completed in time to be open before the work on the ring road commences. The consultation on Phase 2 is now on the South Glos Council web site.

Filton Traffic Management Review.Work continues on the review and is at various stages as it moves across Filton.

The consultation period for the Traffic Regulation Order in respect of the Kenmore proposals has now finished and a report with any objections will be submitted to the Planning, Transport and Strategic Environment Committee on 12th June.

Proposals for consultation at New Road, Pilkington close, Station Road and The Sidings pus that for Nutfield Grove are under way and can be found on the South Glos Web Site. There are also proposals for double yellow or extensions to existing at the junction of Nutfield Grove and Filton Avenue, Nutfield Grove and Mortimer Road, Park Road and Northville Road, Tenth Avenue and Filton Avenue, Ninth Avenue and Filton Avenue, Mackie road and Shellard Road, Gloucester Road North and Gaynor Road, Mackie Grove and Mackie Avenue and the 2 parking bays outside the Northville Post Office to be made enforceable by adding them to the TRO Phase 3 will cover outstanding issues in Conygre and in the both Northville and Charborough that have not yet been included.

Abbeywood Station bus link – the proposal to re-route buses through Nutfield Grove to Abbeywood Station continues to get publicity from those who have proposed it and the feasibility study that was commissioned has concluded that is feasible but there are a number of constraints, which include, inadequate visibility, topography and the need to accommodate cyclist and pedestrians safely. First has expressed certain reservations about the suitability of Nutfield Grove for buses, not least the concerns about pedestrian safety and probable delays when waiting for a gap in the traffic to right turn into Nutfield Grove from Filton Avenue. As a result of the report the council has taken the view that any transport interchanges involving bus, rail, walking, cycling and taxi provision will be addressed by the council in a wider review of the travel needs relating to housing and economic growth and the development of Metro rail phase 2.

Twenty Mile an Hour zones – this, as I have reported previously will be the subject of a report to the PTSE committee on the 12th June. There have been reports in the press that the Bristol mayor is intending to impose 20mph zones across the city and we are conscious of the fact that whatever decision is taken by South Glos Council, the zones close to our borders will impact on the our roads. I have pressed to ensure that South glos Councillors are aware both in Filton and Kingswood wards, are aware of the implications and briefings are being held for area committee members to be briefed by Bristol officers. Whilst the briefings are being held now to help us to plan ahead the dates in Bristol are some way off and the wards neighbouring us are to have the zones implemented in October 2014

Southern Brooks Area Forum – the forum held on the 14th May, considered two grant allocations, the first being grants from the Positive Activities Subsidy Grants Programme 2013/14 which is for Youth work and the New Homes Bonus which is intended for use in communities to accommodate the effects of the new homes that are being built.

In the Positive Activities fund was a sum of almost £65k and bids from several youth centres, including Pyramid and St Andrews. Rather than a full debate taking place, we were presented with a list of recommendations from the Chair, which left St Andrews out on the grounds that the club had received an earlier grant. Before moving on it was announced that the bid from Patchway had reduced and in response to a question from Ian Scott it was confirmed that the bids no longer exceeded the amount that was available, even including the St Andrews bid. I am aware of the wish that these reports shouldn’t be political, but it was clear that the vote would be on political lines when the recommendations were moved by a member of the Conservative Group, the same group as the Chair in whose name the recommendations appeared. This as expected, was carried and didn’t include St Andrews. A move was then made to take a further decision that St Andrews should be awarded part of their bid out of the remaining funs, which I seconded, but which after some discussion was ruled out of order by the chair. Amid the recommendations from the Chair was a note that Filton members might wish to award the bid to St Andrews from the New Homes Bonus funding and when we arrived at that allocation we were faced with another set of recommendations from the Chair which was moved by another member of the Conservative group. A third member, from Stoke Gifford also moved that St Andrews should be awarded their bid from this fund. Whilst we are always keen to ensure that we get as much as possible for Filton organisations, I did make the point that to use funds from the New Homes Bonus to supplement the Positive Activities Grants, would mean that there would be less or no opportunity for other groups to bid for funding for other projects that would benefit Filton. It is our view, as Filton Councillors, that the submission of clearly political recommendations, which has occurred at the last 2 Forum meetings undermines the openness and transparency of a forum that has always intended not to be political in it’s nature.

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